3 Waterside Place

4,717 sq ft - 20,850 sq ft available


  • New air conditioning

  • New raised floors

  • Suspended ceilings with LED lighting

  • New shower facilities and WC's

  • 50 car parking spaces

  • Fitwel - Target 2 star rating



The Fitwel scheme is the world's leading certification system that optimises buildings to support health.

Everything in our Fitwel certified office rental space has been designed to create an inviting environment that improves occupant health and productivity.

Employee wellness is an increasingly high priority for all modern business and this office certification not only puts employees’ health and wellbeing at the heart of the workplace, but also provides business with formal recognition of these benefits.


Floor Plans

Third Floor 

5,241 sq ft  / 486.93 sq m

First and Second Floors

5,446 sq ft / 505.91 sq m

Ground Floor

4,717 sq ft / 438.24 sq m

Not to scale. Indicative only.

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